Richfield Public School Academy

Richfield Public School Academy (Grades 2-8)
3807 North Center Road
Flint, MI 48506
School Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Office: (810) 736-1281
Fax: (810) 736-2326

2-5 Principals: Daniel Winther and Nicole Pacheco
6-8 Principal: Amy Boyles



What’s New at Richfield Public School Academy?

Richfield Public School Academy and Richfield Early Learning Center use a balanced calendar.  The 2017-18 school year begins on Monday, August 14, 2016.  On the first day of school this year, 3rd grade students take part in a sorting ceremony and were drawn into one of the following houses:

  • Animus (Red House): The House of Courage
  • Pro Aliis Vivo (Green House): The House of Selflessness
  • Visionaria (Yellow House): The House of Visionaries
  • Amicus (Blue House): The House of Comradery

Students have the opportunity to earn points for their house by demonstrating the characteristics of a leader.  Ask your student(s) which house they were drawn into, and how many points they have earned this year!